Thursday, September 18, 2014

Best Delegate in TEIMUN 2014: Have Faith, It Will Lead You Anywhere You Want

I love travelling since I was born (haha sounds nonsense) but really! I was very lucky to conquer some parts of USA and Europe in my early age. It's because of my father. He had his master in Pittsburgh and my mother followed him there. Unluckily, I remember nothing. I could just stare on the beautiful printed photos inside every page of some big albums in the house.

When I reached the third year of my university, I found an activity that might bring me back to USA. Yes, it was a Model United Nations. It is a simulation of United Nations Assembly. As the name suggests, Model United Nations, or more commonly known as MUN, is an academic simulation of the United Nations. Basically, delegates inside an MUN will act as a representative of a nation state and convey its stances upon certain global issues. Through MUN, delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about diplomacy, public-speaking, critical thinking and also legal drafting. The MUN that I was talking about was Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) in Boston. I gave HNMUN team selection from UI MUN Club a try. Aside from the traveling, I thought that I could polish my public speaking skill through the coaching and I would be able to meet new friends from all around the world. Never in my life had I tried MUN. It was a very strange world to me. I told no one that I joined the selection. I was afraid of failing but still I gave it a go. Equipped with enough confidence and public speaking skill, I was ready to join the battle. They said it's hard to get into the team. The heck, I was there, nothing to lose.

The first stage was writing test. There were some multiple choice questions about United Nations and we had to write an essay about international issues plus our intention to join the HNMUN. I passed the test. Next one was the simulation. It was so rough. Everyone in the council was enormously talented. I mean it. They were very ambitious and fairly I could say they were so good. What about me? I spoke in the council quite a lot but I didn't really give a damn about what I was saying. This means I sucked. Wait, I passed this stage as well apparently! The last stage was interview with the previous delegation. I thought I did my best to convince them, that this newbie is worth a try. Well I failed anyway.

I was sad but not really that sad because I know I was not good enough (yet) to join the squad.

Some months passed and I wasn't really interested about the USA thingy. It was shifted into vanquishing MUN. There was another MUN selection from UI MUN Club. It was Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC) in Brisbane, Australia. I tried again because I believe that I would do better this time. I convinced myself that I should speak more fluent and confident enough to lead a bloc in the council. Well, I did so. I made one Working Paper and presented it on the screen. I was a strong country, Russian Federation in a topic of LGBT. I thought I did it well until the interview stage which was the last stage. Unfortunately, the time is yet to come. I failed, again. I failed, twice.

It was like, whaaaaat? I was heartbroken. What did I do wrong?!

After a very long deliberation with myself, I decided to ask one of my friends, Rangga Husnaprawira. He's an FEUI student which was one of the selectors in the AMUNC selection. I knew him from the HNMUN selection. I told him I was sincere about the result and I would like to know why I didn’t get into the AMUNC. I have never received such a long voice note of feedback. He told me everything. He started from the research, the speech, the negotiation, the drafting. Those are the elements of MUN. He scrutinized the elements one by one. He said that he knew I didn't do much research because my stance was rather shaky. He said my speech was not clear and almost always running out of time because I said too many things. He said I wasn't a good negotiator because I wasn't actively asking other delegates about what they want and what would be a common ground to solve the problem. He said I wasn't really stood out either on drafting. So his point is that I wasn't "being there." Not only criticized me, but also he gave me some solutions.

It is always not easy to receive feedback sincerely. Especially when we feel like we're good enough and we're in the comfort zone. If I wasn't that determined to change myself and to reach what I want, I would quit.
But that's just not me. I listened and applied everything that Rangga said to me...

Finally, my last hope emerged. My last chance to join international MUN. The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) in The Hague, The Netherlands. This time, I told myself "this time I won't fail." I directly called my distinguished friend, Andhika Putra Sudarman to give me tips for the simulation phase. He told me many things and he encouraged me to be the leader of a bloc. Even he gave me suggestions of solution for the Questions a Resolution Must Answer (QARMAs). It wasn't easy to play a role as China in such a topic as Geopolitical Frictions as a Result of the Melting Ice Caps in the Arctic. China was so ambitious to do research there in Arctic. I was able to create Draft Resolution and presented it.

I was so desperately anxious of waiting for the announcement. Guess what? I GOT INTO THE TEAM! This wouldn't happen if I didn't ask for Rangga's feedback and Andhika's guidance. Thank you, guys.

I was extremely happy and nervous at the same time. The happiness lasts for only around 1 week because the pressure was on! I had to continue the legacy of UI TEIMUN Team of winning and... I had to finish my law school before I could go to The Netherlands. It was so hard to manage my time and I had to sacrifice my internship in a prominent law firm because of that.

For about 8 months, I have prepared everything for the competition while also finishing my thesis. Luckily I had two very supportive thesis supervisors which were Pak Suharnoko and Bang Togi Pangaribuan. I nailed my thesis defense on June 11th. It was a month before my departure to The Hague. After that I got more focus on TEIMUN. 

Thanks to my coaches Tanita and Azira and my team mate Dinda, Ilman, Adeline, Patty, Victoria, Okky. They were so helpful. We were just like a family... On the training journey, I joined some MUNs for exercise so that it could scale up my confidence. One of the most memorable MUNs was Jakarta MUN which I only got Honorable Mention (third place). It was so disappointing because I thought I deserve more than that.

I told one of my friends, Vicario Reinaldo, about this. He gave me his blog's link and I started to accept my "loss":
With a lot of spirit, I flew to The Hague and I was representing Japan in General Assembly council. It was a big council which consisted of incredibly passionate delegates. They were from around the world, like literally! As far as I remember they were from Ireland, Germany, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, Bosnia, Georgia, Russian Federation, Italy, Kenya, The United Kingdom, Peru, The Netherlands, etc. I didn't lead the conference since day 1. I asked the director about my performance. They said I wasn't that shining. The next day, I tried to drag the council into the subtopic that favors me. It wasn't so smooth because there was this delegate that was really powerful and he really could deliver an influential speech. His speeches have always been smooth, on fire and fluent. He was such a threat. Oh wait I forgot to tell you the main topic; it was "Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space." It is indeed very interesting, right? When I passed a topic to discuss about "transparency," all the delegates started to pore over the topic and maintain their own stance regarding that. From all the 7 days, we talked about this for 5 days. Can you imagine? 

As Japan, I tried to mediate the interests from every country. We were really proud when we could produce 9-pages-long Draft Resolution! At the end of the penultimate day, we started to discuss about "Global Prevention of Animal Maltreatment." It was such a very unique topic and Japan is in a dangerous position. Japan people still eat whale meat, which was cursed by Australia and other developed countries. But there's always justification of something that seems wrong. Japan has this culture since a long time ago and it is for the food security. Too bad, there wasn't enough time to discuss the last topic which was "Free Trade Versus Protectionism."

Aside from the serious and tense sessions, TEIMUN offered such an unforgettably marvelous fun time. There were parties and excursions to several important places in The Hague. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State, but the city is not the capital of the Netherlands which constitutionally is Amsterdam. Most foreign embassies in the Netherlands and 150 international organizations are located in the city, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, which makes The Hague one of the major cities hosting the United Nations, along with New York, Brussels, Geneva, Bonn, Vienna, Tokyo and Nairobi. For this fun part, I think it would be better to explain by pictures!
In front of The Peace Palace (International Court of Justice is inside this building!)
In Madurodam
UI TEIMUN Team in Orange Party (left to right: Victoria, Adeline, Okky, Ilman, Dinda, Patty, me!)
Beach Party

Global Village

When we participated in TEIMUN, we were lucky that we could stay in Wisma KBRI Wassenaar. I think it's safe to say that the distance from our accommodation to the venue of the conference is far. It took us around 30 mins with 2 times bus. It was from Wassenaar to Denhaag Central and then to the venue. Imagine, the conference always has party at the end of the day and then after that we got to take 2 buses before having a rest? EXHAUSTING.

Well although it was a tiresome conference, we were so happy that the hard work paid off! It was, surreal... Alhamdulillah.
With Pak Arman Nefi (on the centre), our Faculty Advisor which also came to The Hague

Let me present: (left to right):
Most Outstanding Delegate of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization: Haryani Dannisa/Social and Political Science
Best Delegate of the General Assembly: Nadia Sekarsari Anindyati/Law
Most Outstanding Delegate of the UN Security Council (double delegate): Adeline Tiffanie Suwana/Economics
Best Delegate of United Nations Environmental Program: Ilman Dzikri Ihsani/Social and Political Science
Best Delegate of the United Nations Human Rights Council: Patty Regina Sausanto/Law
Most Outstanding Delegate of the UN Security Council (double delegate): Anna Valeria Okky Oktaviani/Social and Political Science

We celebrated the Eid at the Embassy, the day after TEIMUN's closing ceremony:
With the Ambassador of Indonesia to The Kingdom of Netherlands, H.E. Retno L.P. Marsudi & her Husband

TEIMUN journey taught a great lesson to me. Anything worth having is going to be a struggle. Commitment doesn't come easy, but when you're fighting for something you believe in, the struggle is worth it. Have faith, it will lead you anywhere you want.

Lastly but most importantly, I would thank my father, my mother, my sister for their endless guidance to me. I wouldn't be able to reach this without their prayer, without their concrete supports. I love you Ayah, Ibu, Kakak!
My everything...


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Magical Istanbul

Last week I went to Istanbul after finishing umroh in Saudi Arabia. My family and I did the umroh with a guidance from a tour agent called "Multazam Community", but in Turkey we were guided by "Dorak Tour". It's amazing that the tour guides (Turkish) can speak in Indonesian! We went there at the last week of April.  It was Spring and the weather is brizzy cold. Although it was still Spring, there weren't so many tulips. The tour guide said 1-20 April is the best time for tulips to bloom... And surprisingly, Tulip is originally comes from TURKEY! Not NETHERLANDS. Whoops just knew this! Apparently Netherlands has a better skill of marketing :D

Well actually we went to Turkey a day before the umroh and two days after the umroh. Before the umroh, we went to Aya Sofya mosque, the Bosphorus, Kircilar leather jacket (apparently the best quality of leather is in Turkey, not Italy!), jewelry store, and having dinner in local restaurant. The schedule was soo tight. But it was so nice to finally meet Turkish soup, the famous lentile soup again :D For Indonesian tounge, this soup is not so hard to be digested although it tastes different with our regular soup. Turkish people love to eat with bread. They always mix anything with bread. The funny thing about the breakfast, although they do eat rice too, they never eat it for breakfast. They eat cheese, eggs, sojuk (kind of sausage), honey and zaitun. :))
Typical Turkish breakfast, you'll have zaitun with borek or bread in it.
And then at the first day after umroh, we went to Camlica Hills, Beylerbeyi Palace, Miniaturk, Ayub Mosque in Eyup region, dinner at Kum Kapi. The second day after umroh, we went to Egypt Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque/Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar :))

On the last day, some of my friends from Kocaeli came to see me. There were Fatih and Isa who came to Egypt Bazaar and Topkapi Palace. Then out of the blue, Ahmet showed up. He said he couldn't come because he's preparing for his exam... Fatih and Ahmet are two students that were very loyal to me and taught me a lot of Turkish. They are a good student of Indonesian national anthem too! In 2012 they learned and last week they still remembered the lyric and sang it for me.. How wonderful.

Another surprise, Asude came with her mother and sister. She bought me Baklava, some Turkish Delight, Lokum, Turkish Kahve (coffee) and little purses with Turkish pattern. Oooh I love Asude's family so much.. They arrived in Istanbul at 10.00 AM and finally met us at 03.00 PM. Seni cok seviyorum Asude, Ane (mother) and Serra (Asude's abla -- sister).

Here's some photos in our last day of the trip:

At the park in front of Topkapi Palace.
Strolling around Sultanahmet.
Eating in a local restaurant in Sultanahmet.
Beyti Kebab and Tuna Salad.

Heey Topkapi Palace is sooooooo huge!! An hour wasn't enough for me. But if you have only a little time, I suggest you to take photo at the balcony where you'll have Bosphorus as your background. So nice! After Topkapi Palace, we had dinner in Sultanahmet region. When I walked through the street of Sultanahmet, I started to feel Dejavu. Then I remembered that it was the place where my Turkish friends and I were looking for a hostel where my Indonesian friends were staying. Because that area is very strategic (close to many city attractions), there are a lot of hostels and cafes. Therefore, to find a tiny hostel, it was so hard and exhausting. My Turkish friends at that time were Utku and Atakan. It was the last two days of my staying in Turkey. If you still remember, I had a volunteering/internship project in AIESEC Kocaeli back in 2012. I had to stay in a hostel for a night... The sucks thing was that when we found the hostel where my Indonesian friends were staying, there was no room left so I had to look for another hostel. Well it was tiring yet a good time indeed :D

At lunchtime, the tour was directing us to the Korean Restaurant. The tour guide said that he's not suggesting my friends to eat there because their tounge won't suit with the Korean food, haha. So we decided to eat at the restaurant cross by. I ate Beyti Kebab, it's so recommended! But I have to remind you that if you don't really like lamb or beef, it's not too recommended because the smell and the flavor/odor left on your mouth will be so sting. And the funny thing about Kebab, in Indonesia, that so-called Turkish Kebab are eaten with a simple packaging and we can eat while we're walking (because it's deemed as a fast food). In Turkey? Hell no, it's a fancy cuisine--well yeah compare to Indonesia--because it's served on a plate! After lunch, we took a 10 mins walk to Blue Mosque/Sultanahmet Mosque. Tourists call it Blue Mosque but it's actually Sultanahmet. The tour guide didn't have any clue why it could happen! Haha what an odd.

People can visit Blue Mosque as a visitor but they can also pray.
The amazing architecture of Blue Mosque.

In front of the holy Blue Mosque.
In front of Grand Bazaar.

I met Asude again in Blue Mosque. The day before we had umroh, we met her by herself. But this time, she was with her mother and sister. They're such a lovely family. Serra is such a cute sister, she now speaks English fluently. Last two years when we had our iftar (break fasting) together, she didn't want to talk. She was just smiling and too shy to talk to me in English. Anyway, they made it to Istanbul from Kocaeli! It took 3 hours normally from Kocaeli to Istanbul. Plus, many roads were closed due to May Day, the workers day. There were a huge protest in Taksim square. Police and government shut the transportation modes. Thank God, we could be reunited again. But I was so pissed, I couldn't meet Muge and Cemre. Two of my bestfriends in the camp, because of that protest :(

My Turkish family which consists of Fatih, Ahmet, Isa and Asude's family accompanied us, the 'banyak mau' mother and daughters to many stores. We bought some hats. It's so nice that we found a hat which is Forever 21-model-a-like, with only 20USD. And we also found a Piccaso-a-like hat, with only 15 USD! We were lucky that we did shopping with the locals, because Grand Bazaar is sooo huge and we are pretty sure that we wouldn't find that 'hat paradise' by ourselves. Also they helped us bargaining the price so we got cheaper and better price hehee (the best part!).. Anyway, I could bargain some of them by myself, in Turkish language! :D

I'm so proud of myself X) Hey I think it's really necessary to learn a little bit Turkish to bargain in a Pazaar. Because the sellers were kinda amazed by a foreigner who can speak in their language. I will teach you some (although I'm sure its Turkish grammatically wrong):
"How much is this bag, brother/sir?"
"Ne kadar birtana canta, abi/baba?"

Birtana = one piece; Bir = one, tana = piece.
One = Bir, Two = Iki, Three = Uch, Four = Dort, Five = Bash, Six = Alti, Seven = Yedi, Eight = Sekiz, Nine = Dokuz, Ten = On.

In Turkey, they have two i(s); normal i and ı (without dot). They have different spelling.

"Make it cheaper please.."
"Indirim yapin lutfeeen.."

And lastly if you have a good price, say "Seni seviyorum" means "I love you" Hahaha.

Well I guess that's all, I will show some other pictures later. It felt so marvelous to be back to my second house for the second time :") For the third time, I will go to Cappadocia with my husband for honeymoon :3

Lef to right, up-down: with Ahmet, Fatih, Isa, Serra, Asude, Asude's Mom.
Candine iyibak..  I am waiting you guys in Indonesia! :)

Seni seviyorum, Istanbul askim. Ben cok ozledim.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blind Dog in a Meat Market

"I won't be in Penn 'till next Monday. We'll meet Tuesday."

"Excuse me sir, I have to interview one of an expert at that day.."

"Okay, let's figure it out next week. We can reschedule the session."

"Vina, let's meet tomorrow. 10AM. Sharp."

Pada akhirnya, setelah berulang kali merancang pertemuan dengan orang itu, Vina akan bertemunya lagi setelah Chapter 3 thesis-nya terbengkalai tanpa revisi. Pennsylvania Libary, jam 10. Malam itu Vina memutuskan untuk tidur cepat, supaya tidak kesiangan esoknya. Tidak boleh ia melewatkan waktu untuk bisa bertemu seseorang yang maha penting itu. Ia tahu orang itu begitu sibuk, begitu pintar, cerdas, kehebatannya menggaung kemana-mana. Ia keturunan Prancis - Indonesia, sehingga terkadang mereka membicarakan sejarah Indonesia. Terutama masa-masa kelam ketika pertumpahan darah dimana-mana terjadi dan kaum Tionghoa diburu-buru pada masa pemberantasan komunis. Vina juga bingung kenapa pada spesifik topik itu mereka sering berbincang dan keberadaan orang itu dengan status dosen hukum internasional pun membuatnya semakin bingung. Setelah menonton film 22 Jump Street yang dibintangi Channing Tatum, Vina sering menduga sebenarnya dosennya ini adalah seorang FBI agent yang mempunyai misi membongkar sindikasi penjualan drugs di kampus-kampus di Pensilvania. 

Vina belakangan tahu dari teknologi bernama mbah google, si maha tahu segala yang pernah terungkap di jagat raya bumi ini bahwa dosen pembimbingnya ini pernah bekerja menjadi diplomat di Indonesia. Berita tentangnya menjalar begitu cepat, bahkan sampai ke kuping teman-temannya di PERMIAS Penn State. Ibarat api yang menari-nari mengejar jejak minyak bensin yang sengaja ditumpahkan berkelak kelok. Mengingat hal tersebut membuatnya bingung, takut. Iya, takut tidak bisa menjawab pertanyaan yang nantinya diutarakan orang itu. Bagaimana Vina harus bersikap? Semuanya akan menjadi terlalu awkard. Bisa jadi karena mereka sudah lama tidak bertemu dan bisa juga karena background check yang dilakukan Vina terhadapnya terlalu dalam. Terlalu banyak yang Vina kini ketahui. "Ah, kenapa juga harus pusing tujuh keliling sekarang, seperti mau bertemu Ryan Gosling saja." ujarnya dalam hati. Vina pada akhirnya memutuskan untuk menata hatinya dan menyusun apa yang akan dilakukannya besok pagi, setelah shalat subuh saja.

"Itu, dia!!" Kata Vina dalam hati, disusul dengan degup jantungnya yang kencang. Terlalu kencang, bahkan Vina curiga ia bisa mendengarnya. Tiba-tiba Vina merasa ada kentungan di dalam organ hatinya. Menciptakan tempo yang ritmis namun semakin kencang seiring orang tersebut mendekat. 

Ketika mereka bertemu, Vina kemudian mengutarakan semua hal yang sudah ia rancang dengan runut.

Usai pertemuan itu, Vina jadi teringat sebuah idiom yang ia baca pada sebuah poster pertunjukan teatrikal sekelebat pagi ini: "Blind dog in a meat market".

Blind Dog in a Meat Market.
"Tak keruan sekali aku tadi." Begitu bergairah saat bertukar pikiran, setidaknya Vina merasa pembicaraan mereka tadi cukup berbobot. Nafsu bukan nafsu libido atau birahi. Sejenak Vina merasa bangga mereka seperti klik begitu saja.. "Sudah lama tidak merasa begini." Kata Vina, diikuti anggukan hatinya.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Jatah Umur Berkurang

Tanggal 6 Maret 1993, pemilik blog ini lahir ke dunia. Iya, ini post tentang ulang tahun ke 21 saya.

Dari tahun 2010, sampai tahun 2013, hari ulang tahun saya semakin lama semakin sepi. Tidak ada lagi surprise ulang tahun yang datang seperti di awal kuliah saat masih menyandang status mahasiswa baru. Tidak terlalu banyak BBM yang masuk (mungkin karena semua udah hijrah ke LINE dan saya tidak aktif di LINE). Belum ada kado yang saya terima (positive thinking aja mungkin kadonya nyusul taun depan) WAKAKAK.

Mungkin karena saya tidak banyak punya teman yang benar-benar teman, ya seperti peer-group begitu. Saya sendiri menyadari kalau saya tidak terlalu piawai menjaga pertemanan. Saya masih terus belajar dan jujur saya mengagumi mereka yang punya seseorang yang mereka panggil sahabat sejak mereka sekolah dasar atau orok (sejak orok udah whatsappan).

Sahabat sejati saya hingga saat ini ya kakak saya dan saudara saya. Annisa dan Yona. Ini juga bisa terjadi karena kita punya ikatan darah dan batin. Mungkin kalau saya tidak punya saudara, saya akan menjadi manusia penyendiri yang tidak punya sahabat. Ini bukan berarti saya tidak punya teman sama sekali. Maaf, teman saya sangat banyak. Tapi untuk dipanggil sahabat, saya kadang tidak yakin mereka bisa saya panggil seperti itu/mereka akan menoleh ketika saya panggil seperti itu.

Meskipun di saat kuliah ini saya mempunyai beberapa teman yang selalu menjadi tempat peraduan ketika mengalami kesulitan dan ketika menjalani masa bahagia, kami tidak terlalu sering bertemu di luar kampus. Walau begitu, mereka orang yang selalu saya cari di kampus. Lagi dan lagi, saya terus belajar menjaga mereka dan merasa sangat beruntung bisa mengenal mereka.

Definisi teman, sahabat memang berbeda. Menurut saya perbedaan definitif yang paling jelas adalah, sahabat adalah seseorang yang cukup beruntung untuk mendengarkan berita baik dan berbagi suka serta cukup buntung untuk menemani di kala sulit. Ia harus selalu ada dan tidak boleh bosan mendengar curhatan galau kita yang itu-itu saja. Setidaknya itu menurut saya, berdasarkan pantauan sosial dan membaca novel teenlit. Sedangkan teman ya seseorang yang kita cukup kenal saja namanya, info-info mendasar yang kita tahu ketika dia update twitter atau Path (padahal saya tidak punya Path).

Suatu hari saya pernah bertukar pendapat dengan salah seorang teman yang cukup dekat saat SMA (lagi-lagi saya ragu untuk menyebutnya seorang sahabat). Ia berkuliah di luar negeri dan kami selalu menyempatkan bertemu ketika ia pulang ke Indonesia. Tidak perlu diragukan, saya lah orang yang wajib ia temui sesampainya ia di Indonesia. Apakah ia terdaftar dalam daftar sahabat, saya tidak bisa mengatakan ya karena selepas ia kembali berkuliah di luar negeri lagi, tidak ada kontak yang berarti di antara kita berdua. Saya pernah mengirimkan email dan mencoba untuk berkomunikasi dengannya. Ia membalasnya dalam jangka waktu sekitar 1 bulan, kemudian saya membalasnya lagi dan ia tak lagi membalas. Mungkin kesibukan yang membuatnya lupa untuk sekedar mengabarkan kehidupannya saat ini. Tapi bukankah sahabat seharusnya tidak begitu? Baiklah, saya jadi lupa untuk menceritakan hasil tukar pendapat saya dan dia. Saya dan dia sama-sama menyadari bahwa menjaga pertemanan itu butuh usaha dari kedua belah pihak. Kita tidak bisa menunggu teman/sahabat kita itu untuk mengajak kita untuk bertemu. Terkadang kita yang harus memulainya dan berusaha untuk meluangkan waktu untuknya. Janjian, menentukan waktu, memilih tempat. Tanpa disadari itu adalah sebuah effort yang tidak terlalu mudah. Namun ketika untuk sahabat, tentu justru itu ditunggu-tunggu.

Ini kok jadi ngalor ngidul ngomongin arti pertemanan/persahabatan ya... Maafkan saya... Saya hanya ingin bersyukur kepada Allah SWT karena masih mempunyai teman, sahabat apalah itu yang masih mau menyempatkan untuk bertemu saya dan meluangkan waktu hingga saat ini. God bless you all teman, sahabat!

Foto yang dibuat oleh beberapa teman
saat saya berulang tahun ke-21 kemarin :)
Oke di tahun yang ke 21 ini, saya bersyukur masih bisa bernapas, masih bisa buang air besar dengan lancar (kadang macet juga kalau kurang sayur), masih bisa belajar, masih bisa galau, masih bisa main-main dan hal-hal lainnya. Saya bersyukur telah meraih beberapa pencapaian yang sebelumnya memang sudah saya targetkan maupun yang tidak saya duga-duga. Pencapaian tidaklah harus dalam bentuk sertifikat, ataupun plakat berukir emas. Salah satu pencapaian saya adalah berdamai dengan keluarga saya. Komunikasi adalah hal yang sangat penting dalam hidup ini. Kalian bisa membuktikan bahwa kalian pandai berkomunikasi di depan publik, namun arti komunikasi  yang sebenarnya adalah ketika kalian bisa menjaga hubungan baik dengan keluarga kalian sendiri. Selain itu, ingatlah bahwa mereka adalah orang-orang yang akan selalu stay.

Di samping itu, saya mulai berani untuk aktif di kelas. Meskipun kehidupan sosial saya di kampus sedikit berkurang, saya bersyukur bisa mendapatkan apa yang saya inginkan di semester ini. Meraih IP 3,84 yang mana hal tersebut di atas target saya yaitu 3,75. Selalu harus ada yang dikorbankan sedikit. Saya meninggalkan organisasi dan memulai suatu hal baru yaitu model united nations atau biasa disingkat maeMUNah. Saya jarang bermain dan cenderung anak rumahan. Sebagai seorang yang sulit menghafal jalan dan sering disorientasi arah, saya sangat bangga dapat pergi ke Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Pusat, mengantar proposal ke Perusahan Gas Negara, beberapa law firm dan ke gedung-gedung lainnya sendiri dengan menyetir mobil tanpa nyasar.

Pencapaian-pencapaian itu mungkin tidak penting untuk beberapa dari kalian. Tetapi saya belajar bahwa masing-masing orang mempunyai jati dirinya. Tidaklah berguna membandingkan prestasi diri sendiri dengan orang lain kecuali untuk memotivasi diri. Ketika hal tersebut justru membuat diri kita menjadi rendah diri, sungguh merugi lah kita!

Sudah 21 tahun, sudah banyak kondangan yang saya hadiri.

Kakak saya, Yona dan saya

Kakak saya, ayah saya, ibu saya dan saya
Sejak pertama kali menghadiri kondangan sampai sekarang, pertanyaan yang menghadang terus berubah. Kalau dulu "Sekarang sekolah dimana Nadia? Sudah besar ya.. Dulu masih digendong" (yaiyalah masak segede babon masih digendong). Sekarang "Wah udah semester 8 ya, kapan nih undangan ke rumah tante?" (yaduh tante, jodohnya aja lagi nyangkut dimana). Yang jelas pertanyaan yang tidak pernah berubah adalah, "Loh kamu adiknya to, dikirain kakaknya...." (ya kalo ini emang nasib aja sih punya kakak kering kerontang, hiks padahal ia sudah minum appeton weight gain *ups bukan blog berbayar).

Bertambahnya umur juga dapat diindikasikan dari banyaknya "perkakas" dan "perabotan" yang dipersiapkan sebelum berangkat kondangan, alias make-up. Berbekal alat rias seadanya, saya belajar mempercantik diri saya. Dahulu saya cuman pakai bedak dan lip gloss. Tidak peduli dengan bentuk alis  yang seadanya dan pipi besar yang ukurannya dapat dipersamakan dengan bakpau daging yang sering dijual di pinggir jalanan ibukota yang macet.

Saya dan kakak saya bersama-sama dalam perjalanan untuk menemukan cara agar diri kita terlihat lebih cantik. Ini tidak terdengar menyedihkan, tapi ini tuntutan sosial! Cantik memang tidak hanya dilihat dari parasnya saja, namun saya belajar bahwa terlihat cantik secara fisik adalah bentuk apresiasi terhadap diri sendiri (selain jadi bisa dipamer-pamerin sama orang tua).

Saya bersukur saya pernah bersekolah di Taruna Nusantara, karena gemblengan para pamong (guru) dalam hal fisik, bentuk tubuh saya kini membuat saya lebih percaya diri. Kalimat yang pasti saya dengar ketika di kondangan adalah "Ini Nadia? Dulu kayaknya gendut banget, kamu diet ya? Langsing yaa sekarang". Honestly, saya merasa lebih percaya diri dari saat saya SD, ketika saya dipanggil Giant (bahkan bukan Jaiko), dan ketika saya SMP. Namun saya tidak merasa diri saya sekarang sudah sempurna, cantik dan maha anggun. Oh tidak, saya masih belajar untuk menjadi wanita anggun dan kejawen. Halah. Setidaknya pilihan baju menjadi lebih banyak dan beberapa baju kakak saya menjadi muat untuk saya pakai.

Saya juga tidak berkata bahwa sekarang saya pintar berdandan. Oh tidak juga, saya masih terus belajar dan follow instagram make-up tutorial. Saya juga bangga karena yang saya raih saat ini bukanlah sekedar cinta satu malam *eh. Maksudnya, bukanlah sesuatu yang saya capai secara instant. Sekarang saya tidak serakus dulu, mengembat makanan kakak saya yang tidak habis. Saya makan tetap 3x sehari dengan nasi merah, karena ketika saya mencoba diet OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) *loh bukan, maksudnya diet Deddy Corbuzier itu loh, saya langsung tepar dan masuk rumah sakit hiks. Saya sempat nge-gym sih 1 tahun, tapi abis itu berhenti karena nunggak terus bayarnya, gak mampu cyin. Yaudah deh hidup sehat aja, lari pagi tiap hari Minggu dan minum susu untuk tulangku.

Eh iya, baju yang dipakai kakak saya dan saya di tiap kondangan itu desain ibu saya dan kakak saya loh! Bagus nggak sih? Kita dari dulu tuh mau bikin butik tapi belum percaya diri dan menemukan konsep yang pas. Doakan yah teman-teman! Oh doakan juga saya cepat menemukan cita-cita saya..... Saya juga akan doakan kalian mendapat pekerjaan yang kalian cintai! Susah loh. Saya hingga sekarang sangat mengidolakan mereka yang bisa menemukan passion-nya sehingga berani ambil kuliah tata rias, tata boga, tata dado *loh. 

Itu aja sih kayaknya yang harus disampein di ulang tahun ke 21 ini. Walau saya yakin euy gak ada yang peduli juga HAHA. Terimakasih sudah baca postingan saya hingga saat ini! :)


Mentoring with Garuda Indonesia's CEO (Mr. Emirsyah Satar)

"In 2001, a man decided to join a company which was almost collapsed, not to mention the company's bad reputation. He did turnaround to the company and made it healthy again. He left the company after 5 years of dedication. Apparently the company showed no good progress as he left. He came back again in 2005 and he made the company achieve many awards and recognitions from the world."

Do you want to have a guess?

Yup. He is Mr. Emirsyah Satar and the company is Garuda Indonesia.


Last Wednesday it was such a pricessless moment that I had the opportunity to meet and discuss in person with Mr. Emirsyah Satar along with other 20 chosen young bright people in his office, Garuda City Centre. At that time we gathered in an event called "Super Mentor", a leadership program organized by Mr. Dino Patti Djalal, former Ambassador of Indonesia for United States of America.

Mr. Emirsyah Satar started the discussion with his presentation
I believe that human is a photo copy machine. We just need to find out and learn other people's story of success and copy it in our own way.

Mr. Emir shared many things about his strategies to 'cure' Garuda Indonesia. He said that he changed the mindset of the employees. He asked Addie MS to make a special song for Garuda Indonesia so the employees will be proud and live their own role in the company maximally. Up until now, he arranged 7000 employees and he use the top-down approach in leading them. What does it mean? It means that leadership is the key. He said there should be no democracy in business. It's leader's job to bring the whole team to a place they have never been before. He quoted John P. Kotter, "Successful change is 70 - 90 % leadership, 10 - 30 % management".

When I asked him about his motto of life, he said "Good is never good enough when much better is expected". Aside from that he said "I have never compared myself to anyone. Even in my workplace, I never know how much my friends got paid. I'm just focus on what I'm doing and do the best, later on the opportunities will rise."

Mr. Emir basically is a man who loves challenge. He said that it's in his DNA. Living as a son of a diplomat, he had a good ability to adapt in a new situation quickly. That's why he left Citibank. When he reached the highest position he could achieved in Citibank, he said to himself "It's time to leave".

In Garuda, he built the perspective of career step based on meritrocacy, not based on duration of work. At first, this was opposed but he believed that there were still great workers in the company who were willing to take Garuda to the next level just as much as he wanted to.

He values every opinions and he believes that every each of us should re-invent ourselves everyday. This means that everyday we have to be able to think about creative idea to do things more efficiently, effectively. When we're about to start to make it as a habit, of course the idea won't popped out directly. But then again, we have to begin to get used to it.

His ambitious goals have made Garuda to be able to achieve a prestigious award from "Sky Trax" which was "The World's Best Economy Class" and the 8th position in "The World's Best Airline". Leading an airline company within a super tough industry, he still wants to spare some time for cleaning up the airplane's cabin. Every 3 months, the board of director and him supervise the cleanliness of the cabin and also join the clean-up. Fyi, they also clean-up the lavatory! Furthermore, he always tries to balance his life. When he has a leisure time, he never miss the opportunity to maximize it with his family and relatives.


Meeting an inspiring person has always been a great opportunity because I always feel "charged" afterwards. I wish I can be an inspiring person which gives real contribution to the nation like him. The other bonus in this program is that we can meet new young people and share ideas. The funny thing is, there are two people that apparently have already met me before. We joined the same competition.

Thank you Pak Dino for this opportunity! If you guys think you deserve an opportunity to be mentored by other great figures, follow @dinopattidjalal for more info and prepare your CV and motivation letter :)

Supermentor Batch 5

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Inspiration Behind Valentine for Cancer

Hello world!

Sorry for not posting here since ages. I'm going to tell you all about my project, Valentine for Cancer. The idea to support kids with cancer came from a book titled "The Fault in Our Stars". It is a weirdly-cute love story between Hazel and Augustus. Both of them are surviving cancer. When I read the book, I felt like I'm inside of the story and I could feel their pain as teenage who suffered cancer in such a young age. Hence, they could still feel the love to each other and cherish every time they can be together.

I realized that kids with cancer can actually be cured from the articles in the internet. I also found out that they need friends to accompany them play, share stories and laugh together. So I gathered my friends in Leo Young Club Jakarta Kota to make an event called "Valentine for Cancer", where we gave the kids entertainment, share love and compassion.. Nothing's more relieving than to see them smile :)

Beside collecting money, we also collecting photos of support from many people accross the world. We made two songs (Bergandeng Tangan and Berbagi Terang) in order to accomplish that. We collect that photos and compile it to a video of support for the kids with cancer in Yayasan Onkologi Anak Indonesia.

Thank you John Green for writing such a beautiful story and for being an inspiration!

Berbagi Terang - Avi Athalia

Bergandeng Tangan - Pingka Dedja Alifa

And here is the result of the compiled photo of support!


As the project leader I would like to thank all the people who helped me to make this project. Firstly to my parents and sister who've always been very supportive. The team from Leo Young Club Jakarta Kota: Mbak Wulan Prameswari who happened to be my Vice and bigger sister, thank you Mbak! Thanks to Mbak Muthia Zahra Feriani who made the song "Berbagi Terang" and the team who recorded the song: Avi Athalia, Willy, Bang Yonathan Luther, Bang Azhe, Hillary, Khalisah, Bimo Adi. Muhammad Kasyfunnur and his friend who made "Bergandeng Tangan" song and the recording team Banyu, Aqdi Hamawi, Angga Poleng Kurniawan, Annisa Dwi Yuniarti, thank you! Also to Pingka Dedja Alifa, my best friend and the best media team I could've asked for, with Berdie and Mega as the staffs. Luthfi Prasetya, production and design coordinator. Steffira Kusumadevie and Risca Andalina, the treasurer and secretary of the committee, thank you so much! Avil Ardendo and Herinda Kusuma, the best Vice and Logistic and President! I couldn't thank you guys enough for the never ending help. Anandra Achmad Rinaldo Soroinda Nasution a.k.a. Edo and Raden Roro Pungky Kusumastutie a.k.a. Pungky as the volunteers, I love you guys!

Well I wish I didn't miss anybody. Thank you again guys, it's been a pleasure to work with you all!
The only wish is that the kids were happy after the event and they know that they're not alone! :)


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sang Pemaaf

Biasanya seorang pemaaf itu seorang penyabar yang ulung.
Aku sedang belajar menjadi seorang pemaaf meski benar-benar sulit bung!
Seorang yang pemaaf sekaligus penyabar.
Mulia sekali bukan?

Menjadi pemaaf itu bukan beararti ia bisa diinjak-injak.
Justru ia menginjak balik dalam diamnya.

Orang yang banyak omong itu, sesungguhnya adalah orang yang ketakutan.
Butuh pengakuan.

Yang diam, yang berkuasa.
Justru ia meredamnya, untuk kemenangan.
Yang tenang, yang benar-benar punya asa.
Bukannya terbakar dalam kemarahan.

Hei teman, belakangan ini aku banyak belajar.
Manusia itu pada dasarnya mesin fotokopi yang canggih, lho.
Meski aku bukan seorang ibu peri yang kesabarannya tak berbatas, setidaknya aku mau meniru sang pemaaf.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Surat untuk Ayah Mili

Untuk Ayahku,
Dari Mili

Hari ini hari Kamis, 2 Januari 2014. Ya, hari kedua setelah pergantian tahun. Seharusnya tidak ada sesuatu hal yang berbeda hari ini. Tidak ada yang berulang tahun, tidak ada perayaan hari jadi, tidak ada peringatan, pernikahan, apa pun. Seharusnya hari ini menjadi hari biasa yang berlalu seperti rutinitas yang seharusnya. Aku yang bangun siang karena sedang libur dan memang tidur larut, Kakak yang (biasanya) juga masih tidur tapi sekarang sudah ada di meja makan bersama Ayah dan Ibu.

Aku yang baru terbangun dari sofa hitam di depan TV memutuskan untuk tidak langsung bergabung karena masih mengantuk dan justru memutuskan untuk melanjutkan tidur di kamar Ibu. Namun tidurku tidak lagi lelap. Ada yang aneh. Kudengar tangisan sendu penuh kesedihan. Aku pikir tangisan itu berasal di mimpiku. Tapi ternyata tidak… Aku bergegas keluar kamar dan ternyata tangisan itu berasal dari dua wanita kuat yang terlihat sangat lemah saat itu. Bersimpuh di bawah kaki Ayahku. Tiga orang yang sangat kusayang, berada dalam satu bingkai yang sangat membingungkanku. Apa yang terjadi? Aku mencoba mengumpulkan nyawa dan mencerna apa yang terjadi. Saat itu aku bak berada dalam situasi dua tahun yang lalu, saat mimpi buruk menyergap. Mimpi buruk yang kelam dan gelap yang pernah ada di alam mimpi dan akan terlalu pekat untuk bisa melihat, dalam hidup seperti itu.

Ayah dan Ibuku akan bercerai.


Kepada Ayahku yang membaca ini..

Tidak akan cukup ratusan kata pun untuk menjelaskan betapa anak perempuanmu ini begitu menyayangi Ayah. Tidak akan cukup ribuan kata pun untuk mengungkapkan rasa terimakasih atas segala apa yang Ayah telah berikan kepadaku.

Di balik perangai Ayah yang terlihat dingin dan cenderung tak acuh. Aku tahu, Ayah selalu menjaga anak-anaknya dari kejauhan. Ayah selalu menjadi seorang yang setia menunggu Kakak dan Mili hingga larut, sekalipun harus tertidur di depan sofa hitam di depan TV yang menyala. Ayah tidak akan tidur tenang di kamar Ayah kalau belum membukakan pintu untuk anaknya yang baru pulang dari bersenang-senang. Usai memastikan aku dan/Kakak telah mencium tangan Ayah yang berjari gemuk itu, barulah Ayah bisa tidur dengan pulas.

Di balik sosok Ayah yang tidak pernah secara gamblang mengatakan “Ayah kangen Mili”, atau bahkan “Ayah sayang Mili”, Mili tahu rasa sayang Ayah tidak pernah ada yang bisa menandinginya. Sampai-sampai Ayah, seorang direktur yang selalu mendapatkan fasilitas kelas satu, rela ngebut-ngebutan dengan ojek, melaju kencang agar bisa segera sampai ke kantor polisi Pasar Minggu, menjemput anaknya, menenangkan anaknya yang kalut, menyelesaikan masalah yang terlalu besar yang bisa diselesaikan oleh anaknya. Padahal saat itu ia sedang bekerja. No matter what, ia selalu ada, untuk anak perempuannya. Saat itu Mili mengalami kecelakaan di jalan hingga menabrak seorang pengendara motor. Ayah ingat itu? Mili tidak akan pernah lupa.

Di balik sosok Ayah yang keras dan disiplin, Ayah tidak bisa berkata “tidak” untuk anak perempuannya. Kalau Ayah bisa membantu, Ayah akan selalu membantu anak-anaknya. Saat itu aku sedang masa orientasi SMP. Tidak membawa satu atribut saja adalah hal yang sangat fatal. Dengan nada penuh ketakutan Mili mengadu pada Ayah. Kukira Ayah tidak akan membawakan seuntai dasi yang tertinggal itu. Tapi ia bukan Ayahku kalau tidak berjuang untuk anaknya. Hanya Ayah yang mau rela jauh-jauh layaknya dari Sabang ke Merauke untuk mengantarkan itu.


Ayah, tidakkah engkau sadar betapa berartinya kehadiranmu di dalam hidupku?

Begitu besar jasamu, begitu besar hatimu. Perjalanan hidupmu menjadi inspirasi banyak orang. Perjuanganmu selalu menjadi panutanku; seseorang yang bekerja dari keadaan yang kurang dari berkecukupan hingga bisa menjadi seperti sekarang.

Sungguh Ayah, Mili masih membutuhkan kehadiranmu bersama dengan Ibu dalam hidupku untuk seterusnya. Tidakkah Ayah ingin mengantarkan anak gadisnya berjalan di pelaminan, bersama Ibu, istri Ayah yang melahirkanku dan merawat Mili berasama Ayah hingga sebesar ini?

Tidakkah Ayah ingin menimang cucu, dan ketika cucu itu besar, ia akan dengan bangga berkata pada teman-temannya “besok aku mau ke rumah eyang kakung dan eyang putri, kita mau liburan bareng”. Harapan akan angan Mili yang seperti itu akan segera sirna, apabila Ayah dan Ibu tidak lagi bersama…


Ayah, keputusanmu pagi ini, begitu mengguncang Mili. Seberapapun Mili mencoba untuk mengabaikannya, bagaimanapun Mili berusaha keras untuk tidak memikirkannya. Beberapa jam ini telah membuatku kebingungan. Apalagi kalau memang sampai benar-benar terjadi……….

Kuharap keputusanmu belumlah bulat.

Ya Allah…

Mili ingin membuat Ayah dan Ibu bangga saat Mili wisuda nanti. Mili ingin bisa membuat Ayah dan Ibu bersama-sama menunjuk Mili, anak perempuan yang menggunakan toga hitam berkalung merah di barisan mahasiswa Teknik bergelar cum laude, berkata pada bapak dan Ibu di sebelah kalian, “hei, itu anak kami”.

Ya…. Karim….,

Walaupun Ayah selalu berkata Mili telah membanggakan Ayah, Mili percaya Mili belum cukup melakukan hal yang membanggakan Ayah. Mili masih ingin berbakti, membiayai Ayah dan Ibu naik haji bersama-sama.

Ya Allah, Ya Rahman

Salah satu ayat dalam kitab Al Quran, pedoman segala umat, mengatakan bahwa “Allah tidak akan memberikan cobaan yang tidak bisa diselesaikan oleh umatnya”, apakah ini cobaan yang bisa kutopang ya Allah? Maafkan hamba yang tidak tahu apa-apa ya Allah, namun kali ini hamba rasa tidak, sungguh ini benar-benar di luar kuasa hamba ya Allah…



Benarkah engkau akan meninggalkan Mili Ibu dan Kakak? Menanggalkan begitu saja janji suci perkawinan di antara Ayah dan Ibu?

Are you really gonna let me down and leaving me alone, facing the big world unguided?


Izinkanlah Mili meminta satu permintaan, satu saja permintaan… Bertahanlah Ayah. Mili tahu Ayah sakit, terluka dan tak berdaya. Ada bagian dari diri Ayah yang egois dan tidak ingin menerima keadaan seperti ini. Mili tidak meminta apa-apa, kecuali kepada Ayah untuk kembali pada Yang Maha Esa… Untuk meminta pencerahan dari-Nya. Janganlah mengambil keputusan dengan pikiran yang emosional dan kepala yang panas.


Ya… Rabb

Tidaklah pernah Mili menyerah untuk keluarga Mili. Saat Mili kecil, Mili sangat sering dimarahi Ibu yang cerewet. Dulu Mili pernah meminta Engkau untuk mengganti Ibuku. Aku tuliskan itu pada selembar kertas dan kukirimkan pada-Mu. Namun ternyata alih-alih Kau terima, justru Ayah yang membacanya. Masih teringat jelas dan melekat dengan sangat erat dalam laci ingatan Mili bahwa Ayah memberikan pencerahan bahwa Ibu melakukan itu semua demi kebaikan Mili. Mili boleh kesal pada Ibu, tapi meminta Allah untuk mengganti Ibu dengan Ibu yang lain adalah suatu kesalahan terbesar yang pernah kulakukan. Itu kata Ayah. I admit that, I’ve never been so wrong in my life, and you were the one who reminded me about that.

Keluarga adalah tempat dimana Mili bisa menjadi diri Mili yang sesungguhnya tanpa harus takut akan ditinggal. Tempat dimana Mili selalu dihargai dan didengarkan seberapa buruk pendapat Mili. Mili tidak pernah berpura-pura dan selalu bisa terbuka. Because all I know is that family means no one gets left behind.


Atas segala apa yang telah Ibu perbuat, tolonglah Ayah, ampuni Ibu… Allah, Zat Maha Kuasa yang  menciptakan alam jagat raya saja adalah Maha Pemaaf yang Agung, tidakkah Ayah ingin memaafkan Ibu dan melihat Mili dan Kakak bisa kembali bekerja keras untuk bisa membanggakan kalian berdua?

Bukannya Mili membelanya, tapi Mili hanya ingin keluarga ini utuh kembali. Bukannya aku ini lebih sayang pada Ibu, percayalah, jika benar ada timbangan kasih sayang antara untuk Ayah dan Ibu, aku berjanji tidak akan ada salah satu sisi yang lebih berat!


Ayah, pria terbaik yang pernah Mili temui…

Sesungguhnya keberuntungan Ayah, pengharapan Ayah, tak lain dan tak bukan ada pada Ibu dan anak-anak. Mereka akan sirna pula dari kehidupan Ayah jika benar kata perpisahan adalah kata-kata yang Ayah inginkan. Mili percaya tidaklah akan tenang hidupmu Ayahku. Ketika Ayah dulu tidak punya apa-apa, Ibu mempercayai Ayah dan setia berada di sisi Ayah. Terlepas dari kekurangannya, Ayah pun juga kurasa punya kekurangan. Tak perlu kusebutkan apa, bertahun-tahun Mili menyaksikan kehidupan pasangan suami-istri antara Ayah dan Ibu.

Sungguhlah aku tidak menyangka Ayah sampai hati memutuskan untuk menjatuhkan hukuman yang sangat kejam ini pada Ibu, yang juga secara tidak langsung pada Kakak dan Mili, kedua anakmu.


Ketika Mili melihat sebuah acara TV tentang seorang anak yang harus menjadi anak yang tidak lagi mempunyai keluarga yang utuh, Mili begitu iba padanya. Tidak bisa Mili bayangkan betapa berat hidup yang harus dihadapi anak itu. Begitu berbeda dan tidak lagi sama. Tak dinyana bayang-bayang hidup mengerikan seperti itu kini sangat dekat denganku, Mili dan Kakak, akan menjadi anak broken home

Beberapa kali Ibu menanyakan pertanyaan ini: “Kalau Ayah dan Ibu cerai, Mili mau tinggal sama siapa?”

Dari segala pertanyaan apapun di dunia ini, mau pelajaran paling sulit apapun macam Fisika dan Matematika yang aku sering mengulang karena terlalu bodoh untuk mengerti kek, atau mata kuliah macam Bioproses yang mana semua orang memaki soalnya setelah ujian kek, tidak ada pertanyaan sesulit pertanyaan dari Ibu itu. TIDAK ADA. Karena Mili TIDAK INGIN MENJAWABNYA.


Mili menuliskan semua ini murni dari hati Mili. Tidak ada paksaan, tidak ada suruhan, tidak ada dorongan dari pihak ketiga. Baik Kakak, Ibu, siapapun itu.

Mili harap surat ini cukup memberikan gambaran, betapa hancurnya, berkeping-keping hati ini ketika palu godam ucapan Ayah pagi ini tertangkap indera pendengaran Mili. Masih selalu ada banyak waktu untuk mengelemnya kembali. Tapi tidak akan bisa disatukan, kalau perceraian itu sampai terjadi.

Sumbu-sumbu mimpi Mili butuh untuk diberi api, hanya support dari Ibu dan Ayah serta Kakak secara utuhlah yang bisa menyalakan lilin mimpiku.


Ayah, Mili masih ingat jargonmu yang dulu sering kau dengungkan, namun jarang sekali terdengar akhir-akhir ini: Yang penting, anak dan istriku bahagia

And you know what, Ayah? I am not happy at all with your decision about the divorce. I know you’re a good man and definitely not a liar. Please think about this hundred, thousand, million times.

Love you forever Dad,

From your daughter that wants her family stay together until she dies

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 12: Our Sahur

July 21st 2013
Yes... WE FINALLY REACH THE LAST PHOTO CHALLENGE! It's our delicious food for early breakfast (sahur) !!!! On the first day of sahur, we ate instant noodle + soy bean milk. But, we didn't like the instant noodle + we only have limited choice for the taste. Most of their instant noodle mixed with pork :(

Then days after that, mostly we only eat bread or kind of onigiri and milk, bought from Seven Eleven. Thanks to Scott and Troy for choosing us the best bread every night :)) This probably not enough for the rest of the day, but hey, we nailed all the days of fasting we spent in Taiwan. Even in the day of amazing race :D

Oh by the way, I didn't eat the bag and fabric and the name cards. I just put it there because usually we ate the sahur at night, after any activity. Not in the early morning, because most of the time we couldn't wake up x) hahaha.

So the conclusion of this ST: UNDENIABLY AMAZING. I have to go back to Taiwan someday. Amin.

Oh, lastly I want to thank all the OCs, Caretaker, Table Coordinator, Staff, other delegate for the amazing memories in the ALSA Taiwan ST. I want to thank my local board for the help during the preparation, specially Pucil - staff of External Affaris (she's been really helpful and responsive answering my questions); to my national board, specially Anyun, Kak Nasyat, Kidy, Nesi, Bagus. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

EH, ALSO TO MAKATI WANDANSARI... Never thought I'd be able to have such great partner like you, sister! Thanks for being very patient & fun companion, roomie, partner in crime during the ST. It's so amazing that you could understand Chinese language and give response to our Taiwanese friends although only a little bit. It's also a bless to have you as my sahur and fasting partner, and looking-for-place-to-pray partner. I send you my highest apology if I unintentionally lose my temper when we prepared the Welcoming Party performance and the cultural night performance. The results paid off, right? Love you Kati! :)